Journals & Publications

Ocean Yearbook

The main publication of the International Ocean Institute, the Ocean Yearbook is published by Brill Nijhoff Publishers and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute, which is home to the yearbook’s editorial team. At more than 1,000 pages, the yearbook focuses on issues such as ocean governance and resources, transportation and communications, environment.

Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation (CLEAR)

CLEAR's publications, articles and briefs provide insight into professional regulation and offer strategies to promote regulatory effectiveness. CLEAR Exam Review is a bi-annual publication bringing to light the many trends and issues related to testing and measurement. It discusses current licensing examination evolution and highlights areas of importance to regulatory authorities. For current issues and key topics in professional and occupational regulation, consider CLEAR's series of Resource Briefs. These smaller publications present regulatory research and information in short papers so they are easy to read and easy to apply to your organization.

Canadian Journal of Law and Society (CJLS)

The Canadian Journal of Law and Society (CJLS) is a bilingual periodical publishing innovative research in the broad field of law and society scholarship. Rooted in the distinctive Canadian Law and Society movement, CJLS features international scholarship concerning the intersection of law and sociology, cultural studies, literature, political science, criminology, history, human rights, gender studies and political economy. The CJLS is a bilingual peer-reviewed journal with a wide circulation in Canada and beyond. It is housed at Carleton University, Ottawa. CJLS is published three times a year by Cambridge Journals for the Canadian Law and Society Association.

Other publications

The faculty and associates of the Marine & Environmental Law Institute have published books, articles and reports that provide in-depth insights into ocean governance, ecological policies, current issues and a variety of other marine and environmental topics. These publications are referenced throughout the world.

Faculty publications can be found on their BePress or SSRN page