LAWS 2319‑ Pharmaceutical Science, Law & Policy


This course provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about pharmaceutical policy challenges in an interdisciplinary environment. Open to both JD students from the Schulich School of Law and graduate students from the Faculty of Medicine, the course will introduce students to the regulatory systems in place to govern pharmaceutical drugs and survey a number of ‘hot topics’ in the field, from national pharma-care, high-priced drugs for orphan diseases, and the opioid crisis, to legalizing cannabis. The course will also include guest lectures from experts in pharmaceutical sciences and key government agencies. Students will also learn new research and writing skills relevant to pharmaceutical science, law, and public policy.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Presentation & Written Assignments* and Class Participation. * Note: The written assignments count together as a Major Paper and satisfy the requirments of a major paper course.

Restrictions: None.