LAWS 2295 ‑ Criminal Appeal Practice


This course will provide students with a broad overview of criminal appellate practice. Legal principles and practical skills will be enhanced via lectures, mock case materials preparation, in- class exercises and a mock appellate moot. Topics potentially covered include: appellate litigation strategy; seeking leave to appeal; bail pending appeal; Summary conviction appeals and questions on forum; appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada; intervenors and the public interest; appellate reasons and judicial decision-making; and self-represented litigants and access to justice on appeal. Students are expected to have strong legal research and writing skills and proficiency in criminal and evidence law. Classes are held one evening per week during the Winter term.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): Criminal Procedure (LAWS 2091) and Evidence (LAWS 2008).
Assessment Method: Class participation 10%, merit assessment memo 20%, in-class exercises 30%, mock facta 20%, mock appeal hearing 20%.
Restrictions: None.

*This course is unavailable to International Linkages students.