LAWS 2219 ‑ Regulatory Systems in Environment and Health


This advanced level course bridges the separation of human health and environmental protection into distinct areas of legal concern. Using their distinct but overlapping regulatory systems as a comparative lens for understanding underlying theoretical and practical assumptions, the course considers current and potential interaction and integration between the two fields. Topics to be explored will vary from year to year but will include issues such as: international law and governance on health and environment; human rights and health and environment; gender and health and environment; comparative regulatory theory and practice; health and environment in relation to First Nations and other aboriginal communities; occupational safety and health; linkages between human health and pesticides, climate change and other leading environmental issues; food production and security; the role and implications of technology.

Prerequisite(s): Health Law (LAWS 2132) or Environmental Law (LAWS 2104).
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Examination and a participation component, possibly including class exercises.
Restrictions: None.

*This course is unavailable to International Linkages students.