LAWS 2191 ‑ Animals and the Law


This seminar examines legal issues pertaining to non-human animals. It is concerned with how such entities have been conceptualized by the law and with how they should be. Should animals be viewed as objects (property), as legal subjects (rights holders), or as something else altogether? This debate will provide the context for examining the history of animal protection legislation and current issues relating to animals. These include the constitutional authority to legislate with respect to non-humans, animal cruelty (including such specific topics as experimentation on non-human animals, treatment of farmed animals, and hunting), endangered species legislation, standing in animal welfare/rights litigation, market-based approaches and civil disobedience by animal activists. ENROLMENT: limited to16 students.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Major paper plus in-course assignment.
Restrictions: None.