LAWS 2062 ‑ Constitutional Law


This required 2nd year course concerns itself with three main themes: the distribution of powers under the Constitution Act 1867, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Aboriginal rights. This will follow from the basic introduction to and foundation for the course laid during first year Public Law. The course makes an effort to integrate division of powers, Charter and Aboriginal rights discussion to highlight both points of overlap and points of departure. Throughout, the course emphasis will be placed on the roles of the constitution in our governmental structure and of the courts as its elaborator and guardian, and on constitutional litigation as a problem-solving process through which fundamental values are examined.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Written final exam with an opportunity for students to earn partial marks through other components during the term.
Restrictions: This course is restricted to JD or JD Combined Degree only.

*This course not available to International Linkages students.