LAWS 2022 ‑ Law of the Sea


The adoption of the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention, 1982 was the result of the world's most ambitious law reform movements. The Convention is a comprehensive instrument functioning as a "Constitution of the Oceans". This course will undertake detailed analysis of the law of the sea by examining the Convention, related instruments and materials concerning its interpretation and enforcement, and recent initiatives to further develop the law of the sea. Particular attention will be given to navigational issues (territorial sea, international straits, archipelagoes); resource issues (exclusive economic zone, fisheries, non-living resources); maritime boundary delimitation; protection of the marine environment; marine scientific research; dispute settlement; and the role of international institutions in ocean governance. The course will be conducted in seminar format and will include in-class small group work. Students are expected to contribute to class discussions and will have an opportunity to present their research papers in class.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Combination of research proposal, major paper presentation and class discusssion, and submitted paper.
Restrictions: None.