LAWS 2002 ‑ Business Associations


This course provides an introduction to the law governing the conduct of business in the corporate form. The course deals with the following topics: the choice of form of business enterprise; the legal effect of incorporation; disregarding the corporate entity; the different systems of incorporation; the corporate constitution; contracts between corporations and outsiders; the control and management of the corporation, especially the relationship among promoters, directors, executive committees, officers and shareholders; the raising and maintenance of a corporation's capital; the liability of directors and officers and remedies available to shareholders. An introduction to the principles of partnership will also be included. The course is taught by discussion of selected cases, statutes and other materials which students are expected to read carefully in advance of class.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method: Written examination that may be open or closed-book.
Restrictions: None.