LAWS 1010 & 1020 ‑ Contracts and Judicial Decision Making

LAWS 1010/1020
CREDIT HOURS: 6 (3 per term)

This course has two primary objectives: the first is to provide an understanding of the process of development of the common law through judicial decisions; the second is to provide a basic knowledge of the doctrines and precepts of the law governing the making and performance of contracts. As a means of attaining the first objective, the “case method” of teaching is used to enable students to acquire a lawyer-like understanding of such concepts as “stare decisis”, the use of precedent, and the technique of distinguishing. A critical evaluation of judicial law-making is undertaken through an examination of the developing phenomenon of legislative intervention in the field of contract law. In order to fulfil the second objective, substantive rules of contract law are examined.

Prerequisite(s): None.
Co-requisite(s): None.
Assessment Method:  Students taking this course must register in and complete LAWS 1010 & LAWS 1020 in consecutive terms; credit will not be granted if courses are not completed consecutively. Assessment Method: For large-group classes, written examination in December (with option to count as 30% of the final mark), and a final examination. For small group classes, evaluation is by a combination of class assignments, oral advocacy exercise(s) and class participation.
Restrictions: This course is restricted to JD students or JD Combined Degree students.