Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles


The School of Social Work at Dalhousie is committed to building a socially just society, defined as one that upholds and validates the values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness, democracy, and concern for human welfare.  We manifest and advance curricula, scholarship, and school culture that are congruent with these values.


The School of Social Work engages in teaching, research, community initiatives and other scholarly activity to promote social justice. To this end, we educate students and collaborate with others to advance change within the social work profession, social institutions, and the broader society.

Guiding principles and beliefs

The School of Social Work recognizes the importance of understanding and addressing inequitable social structures and conditions for advancing individual and collective welfare and development.  

  •  The importance of supporting the struggles for social justice and social well being of historically disadvantaged peoples and communities.
  • The importance conceptualizing the spaces of the social work field in broad terms, as including local, national, and international arenas, and individual, community, policy, and political-institutional contexts.
  • Building a diverse and inclusive school environment. Towards that end, we recognize the importance of altering the cultural context of the school in ways that are welcoming to the cultures and belief systems of historically marginalized groups and communities.
  • The importance of accessible education; respectful and collaborative approaches to working with groups and communities; academic and intellectual freedom; collegiality; and open, democratic, and inclusive decision-making.