Responsibilites and Expectations

Student Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all documentation is in place for the clinical placement, including, but not limited to, immunization records, criminal record check with vulnerable sector survey, student acknowledgement and/or confidentiality forms, etc. Please contact the Coordinator of Clinical Education to determine which requirements are necessary for the student placement site.
  • Review recommended readings and/or materials prior to commencement of the placement
  • Ensure that all documentation, such evaluation forms, are completed as required and returned to the School/College upon completion of the placement
  • There may be additional requirements for the practicum placement that are specific to their School/College. Please contact the Coordinator of Clinical Education to determine if there are any other requirements to fulfill prior to beginning the practicum placement.

In addition, students are expected to:

  • Work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of their profession
  • Communicate with the preceptor* about expectations of the placement, preferred type of feedback, challenges/conflicts if they arise, etc.
  • Demonstrate professionalism.
  • Be active participants in the placement and maximize the learning opportunities that it offers.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning and professional development.
  • Integrate theoretical and evidence-based information and best practices in their clinical practice
  • Take responsibility for their learning, engaging in reflection and honest self-evaluation of their performance and behavior and engaging preceptors and faculty to ensure an experience that is adequate and appropriate to their individual needs
  • Take responsibility according to the stage of their training, but acknowledge the limits of their responsibility and experience so as not to endanger themselves or other people
  • Be inquisitive and demonstrate an enquiring mind, developing a repertoire of skills and knowledge using the resources available
  • Provide evaluative feedback regarding the clinical education experience so as to improve the training of future students and foster the development of preceptors*

*Please see “What is a Preceptor?” for a list of the specific terms each School/College uses to describe their preceptors