Graduate Nursing Society

Supporting graduate students

The Dalhousie Graduate Nursing Society (DGNS) is a society that provides leadership, mentorship, and involvement in the community. The society fosters a social and support system for the nursing student body at the graduate level.

The DGNS is dedicated to health promotion and wellness for all and to promoting the interest and participation of graduate nursing students in student governance and fellowship.

DGNS objectives:

  • To provide a forum for social interactions (i.e. BBQs, wine and cheese events, bowling, health promotion activities, graduation celebration banquets etc).
  • To provide two way communications with various committees and groups within Dalhousie University (i.e. Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students [DAGS], Fully Facility, Research, Curriculum Committee, etc.)
  • To act as a role model/mentor for new graduate nursing students
  • To support the maintenance and further development of the "Scholars" program