Graduate Nursing Society

Supporting graduate students

The Dalhousie Graduate Nursing Society (DGNS) is a student-based society that provides leadership, mentorship, and involvement in the community. The society fosters a social and academic support system for the nursing student body at the graduate level.

The DGNS is dedicated to health promotion and wellness for all and to promoting the interest and participation of graduate nursing students in student governance and fellowship.

DGNS Objectives
  •  To provide a forum for social interactions (i.e. BBQs, bowling, day hiking trips, health promotion activities, etc).

  •  To provide two-way communication with various committees and groups within Dalhousie University (i.e. Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students [DAGS], Fully Faculty, Research, School of Nursing Graduate Studies Committee, etc.)

  •  To facilitate mentorship/menteeship for graduate nursing students from all streams (eg. MN-NP, MScN, MN Professional, PhD). Specific events to support this include scholarship/funding advice sessions (1-2 times annually), a 1:1 peer mentorship program, invited speaker panels/presentations that discuss transition to advanced practice/workforce, and information sessions for prospective graduate nursing students.

  • To support the maintenance and further development of graduate students as transformative leaders, scholars, and decision-makers through partnerships with the Centre for Transformative Nursing Research (CTNHR) and other initiatives within the School of Nursing. This includes partnering with other student groups, such as the Community of Black Students in Nursing (CBSN), the Community of Indigenous Students in Nursing (CISN), the Community of International Nursing Students, the Dalhousie Undergraduate Nursing Society, the Nursing Research Interest Group, and the Community of 2SLGBTQ+ Students in Nursing

  • To identify graduate students’ needs/concerns and work accordingly to meet these needs using the available resources within the School of Nursing and Dalhousie University.

  •  To advocate for graduate students in nursing by negotiating with the School of Nursing to provide services based on students’ needs. For example, providing offices or work spaces/supplies for graduate students.

More Information

We’re always looking for new students to join our executive team! If you have interest in becoming involved, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing The call for executive nominations happens in May/June and elections are held in July. If you are interested in joining the executive team in the future or want to learn more, we encourage you to attend some of the meetings, if you are able.

Format: DGNS meeting times/location are communicated to all graduate students in the School of Nursing via email. We welcome and encourage your participation!   

2021/2022 Executive Team

  • Co-Chairs: Maggie Gillis (MN-NP, 2nd year) & Chelsa States (MScN, 1st year)
  • Vice-President: Kelsey McNeill
  • Treasurer: Jaimlyn Wheatley
  • Secretary: Cassandra Quik
  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Representative: Leah Carrier (PhD, 3rd year)
  • DAGS Representative/Liaison: Kristen Robinson
  • Nurse Practitioner Representative: Kelsey Sharpe

2021/2022 Committee & Council Representatives