General Questions

Where do I find the Supplemental Application Form? Click here: supplemental application form
Do I have to have completed an introductory Research and Statistics course for all Masters Level Nursing Degrees? Yes
Do I have to have completed an introductory Research and Statistics course within the past five years? No.We have removed the five-year time limit on this requirement. You are required to complete both stats and research prior to commencing the program.  In limited situations, we may offer conditional acceptance, based on successful completion of the courses by mid-August
I need to take an Introductory Research and Statistics course to meet the entry requirements. Where can I take this course?

We accept undergraduate statistics and research courses from any degree-granting institution. See list of courses/equivalents below. 

Dalhousie MATH/STATS1060, Introductory Statistics for Science and Health SciencesNURS2760, Nursing Research and Evidence-Informed Practice
Athabasca MATH215, Introduction to Statistics
NURS328, Understanding Research
St Francis Xavier STAT101, Introductory Statistics
NURS231, Fundamentals of Research and Collective Collaborative Practice
Memorial STAT2500, Statistics for Business and Arts Students
NURS3104, Nursing Research
UPEI STAT1210, Introductory Statistics OR PSY2710, Statistics for Behavioural Sciences
NURS3040, Nursing Research Methods
Are your programs offered totally online for distance learners?

Graduate nursing theory courses are offered either synchronously or asynchronously online. The MN Professional Degree can be done exclusively online.

The Master of Science in Nursing Program is largely available online. However, an intermediate statistics course is required during year one of the MScN, and this course is two days per week, and offered in-person only. For PhD Students who have not completed Intermediate Statistics, this course will be required, and again, is offered in-person only. PhD Nursing Students are reminded to be aware of this requirement before applying.

For the Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner option, all students must take NURS5740, Advanced Health Assessment and must attend the weekly lab sessions that are scheduled on site (Halifax campus) during the first 7 weeks of the term. Students are also required to be on site for objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) associated with NURS 5740 and with other clinical courses (Full-time MN NP students are required to take 1 clinical course per term for program duration; Part-time students are required to take 1 clinical course per term, starting in year 2).

I am interested in taking a few courses to see if this program is right for me. Can I do this? You may take up to 12 credit hours as a Special Student in Graduate Studies. You must have the permission of the course instructor and graduate coordinator before applying as a special student. Please contact and see the FGS Webpage for additional information.
My GPA is lower than 3.3. Will my application be considered for a Master of Nursing Degree? The minimum admission GPA of 3.3 is calculated over the last 2 years or 60 credit hours of course work in which a grade is submitted. If you wish to improve your admission GPA, you can complete up to five senior-level (3rd or 4th year) baccalaureate courses.  The grades from these courses would then be included in GPA calculations. Your GPA is only one consideration when reviewing applications and those applicants with a GPA higher than 3.0 are encouraged to apply, although reminded that admissions are competitive.
I was selected for an interview. When will I find out if I have been accepted? The committee that reviews applications for program admissions will meet about 2 weeks after interviews have concluded. A list of candidates who are recommended for admission will be presented and evaluated by the committee. Once candidates have been approved by the committee, the program coordinator will submit recommendations for admission to FGS who ultimately make the final decision. They will review all the material again and once this is completed, they will send out acceptance letters to those individuals. Our office will not be able to confirm if you have been accepted or not as FGS makes the final, official offer of admission. You will be informed by correspondence from FGS – please also be sure to check the junk mail of the email address you provided on your Dalhousie Application.
How much is tuition? What is the difference between tuition and program fees? Please visit FGS Webpage for more information