Dawn GooGoo, L'nu Nurse Initiative Lead, Chair Indigenous Health Nursing

Dawn GooGoo

Wije’wi aqq nuji-npiteket, pronounced 'We jay wa ..." which translates to mean "Come with me to heal"

Kwe (Hello) My name is Dawn Googoo. I am a Mi’kmaq Registered Nurse and Dalhousie Master of Nursing student from We’koqma’q First Nation (Waycobah). During my education and work as a nurse, I have encountered many obstacles and opportunities.  These obstacles and opportunities have helped me to see the need to increase knowledge about our culture and to improve the Mi'kmaw presence in the nursing profession. There is a need to advocate for the health of Indigenous people, and to support the success of Indigenous people in the health professions, and in particular nursing.

I was recently hired through the NS Research Chair in Indigenous Health Nursing held by dr. Margot Latimer at Dalhousie. My role involves gathering evidence that supports Indigenous People to access culturally safe nursing education and health services.  Collaboration with nursing stud​ents, communities, allies, and universities are key to my role.  I am excited to join this team, to work with Elders, community leaders, students, faculty and staff at Dalhousie University to create the evidence for meaningful change. My title will be Wije’wi aqq nuji-npiteket, pronounced 'We jay wa ..." which translates to mean "Come with me to heal"

I am very interested in meeting you. Please contact me if you would like to connect or join me on this journey with Margot.

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