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Retiring KINE professor’s favourite thing is the “AHA moments” with students

Posted by Terry Murray-Arnold on June 17, 2021 in Alumni & Friends

Q & A with Dr. Janice Moreside

What is your favourite thing about working at Dal Faculty of Health or what will you miss the most?

I will miss the collegiality of colleagues. We are a small group that were housed in the bowels of the Dalplex but became good friends, sharing experiences both good and bad.  However, this past year has forced us to ease away from those relationships.  I missed them this past year.

My favourite thing, however, is watching the "light go on” — those "aha" moments with the students.  In addition to other classes, I teach second year Anatomy. It's a core course, so everyone has to take it.   The students are admittedly bombarded with a lot of new terminology and have to memorize the names of so many muscles, bones, etc.   By the end of term, most of them get it, not just pure memorizing, but they start to understand the musculo-skeletal workings of the human body. When we got to take them to the Anatomy lab with cadavers, the wonder and excitement was palpable.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen at the Faculty in your time here? 
Relative to others, my time at Dal has been rather short.  When I arrived, the majority of the new hires were limited term appointments.  Thankfully, this is gradually changing to tenure track positions. I received my PhD at age 55, so was not looking for longevity in my academic appointment. However, for young people embarking on a life career, limited term appointments can wreak havoc with research productivity, upward mobility, and even the possibility to move their career elsewhere.  While LTA appointments still exist, there are far fewer in our School than when I arrived.

What has been the highlight of your career with the Faculty?
The highlight? Cumulatively, the letters/emails I receive from students who tell me they have been accepted to the grad school or job that they aspired to and thanking me for being part of their education.  Occasionally, I get emails from former students years after they graduate, wanting me to know that the information they learned in my classes has set them up well for future learning and life. These have been the highlights, and I hope they continue.

Would you care to share your plans for retirement?
Since finishing my undergraduate degree, I have moved across provinces and oceans 12 times.  In only about half of these did I have employment prospects set up prior to moving.  Each move is a chance to re-invent yourself.  Re-set. A new chapter.  I think of retirement as being the same.  I have lots of hobbies, sports and volunteer activities, but I also still have my license to practice physiotherapy. I'm sure something will evolve, but I don't know what it is yet.  As with many, I look forwards to visiting family who live out of province and spend time with my young grandkids.

Some of Dr. Moreside’s former students share their thoughts…
The Kinesiology class of 2020 was excited for Dr. Moreside’s retirement and wanted to send “some love and happiness” her way. As a special thank you, some students made a video to express their appreciation for everything she has done for them throughout their time at Dal. 

A tribute to Dr. Janice Moreside