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MSc Audiology grad shifts career from entomologist to audiologist

Simon Pawlowski is going to be working as an audiologist in Bedford.
Simon Pawlowski is going to be working as an audiologist in Bedford.

Simon Pawlowski worked for many years as an entomologist, however, he began to find the long hours of lab work isolating. Pawlowski searched for a new career path that would allow him to work more directly with people. Through research, career aptitude tests, and recommendations from the Wolfville Hearing Clinic, he discovered the field of audiology.

“The more I read about audiology, the more I got the sense that it was exactly what I was looking for."

Pawlowski chose audiology because he considers it a perfect blend of problem-solving and practical application of science that also allows him to work directly with patients.

“It is a new life for me, and that is not an exaggeration. I needed a change and this degree has put me in a place where I am happy and excited to go to work each day."

Passionate about science, a deciding factor in Pawlowski’s decision to pursue audiology was the opportunity to apply aspects of his previous education experience.

“What ended up tipping the scales for me was that audiology allowed me to apply my extensive experience in insect electrophysiology and neurophysiology to people, so I was really excited to have my scientific and academic work transfer into the clinic."

Before joining the audiology program, Pawlowski didn’t know much about hearing or the complexity of the auditory system. After beginning his studies, however, he quickly developed a love for hearing healthcare. Pawlowski’s research focused on training the auricular muscles to coopt a nonfunctional neural pathway for control of communication devices. Through his research, he even gained the unusual ability to wiggle his ears.

Deep gratitute for the program

In addition to his research, Pawlowski was employed as a student clinician with the Dalhousie Hearing Aid Assistance Program where he worked with a diverse and challenging caseload of wonderful patients.

Pawlowski is wasting no time in transitioning from the classroom to the clinic. He has accepted a position at the East Coast Hearing clinic in Bedford where he will work as the clinic's sole audiologist.

While he’s excited to embark on this new chapter, Pawlowski holds deep gratitude for the audiology program and the Dal community, and he hopes more people follow in his footsteps.

“If you are considering audiology, you are considering an excellent profession filled with great people and excellent work/life balance. I can’t express how wonderful my class of audiologists was and how the dynamic discussions between students and instructors enriched the whole experience.

"It is a testament to the Audiology program’s acceptance policy, allowing students from extremely diverse educational backgrounds to be a part of the program.”