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Nova Scotia Integrated Health and Research Strategy

Posted by Staff on September 21, 2018 in News

A new pan-provincial network supporting the health research priorities of Nova Scotia is announced

For the first time, the Nova Scotia government, health authorities, post-secondary institutions, industry, and the public will bring their collective research and expertise to the table to help address key health issues in the province.  The Nova Scotia Integrated Health Research and Innovation Strategy (NS IHRIS) was announced at a breakfast panel discussion today.  This network was formed to support efficient knowledge exchange, evidence-informed decision making, and to improve health and healthcare in Nova Scotia.  Members of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the IWK Health Centre, St. Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, and Medavie Health Services shared their expertise and insights during this panel discussion led by Dalhousie’s Vice President of Research and Innovation, Dr. Alice Aiken.

“This is the first time the provincial government, health authorities, post-secondary institutions, industry and the public will bring their research and expertise together, at the same table, to address critical health issues in Nova Scotia,” says Dr. Aiken. “We have a wealth of research, resources and expertise in this province, and by leveraging our collective strengths, we can have a much greater impact.”

Some of the first outcomes of the NS IHRIS include the establishment of an asset map to identify research activities that are underway across the province and to bring together the health data that currently exists. This group is also working on the establishment of an accessible, integrated database to share relevant data across all network members, to expedite research progress and to improve health and policy through evidence-informed decision making.

In addition to providing government, researchers and health professionals with the information and resources they need to solve the health issues of our time, NS IHRIS will also provide opportunities to collaborate with industry partners in the same manner. With a complete map of our provincial expertise, the network will foster new partnerships wherein capacity building can occur quickly, and novel treatments and prevention strategies can be implemented.

“This is about being proactive, looking at all angles, and improving health research and innovation across the spectrum using our combined resources,” says Dr. Aiken. “With the networks and expertise we have in this province, I believe we have a real advantage when it comes to this task in that we’re powerful enough to have a large impact, and small enough to actually get it done.”