Information for Faculty

Faculty members are expected to report all suspected lapses in academic integrity so that they may be handled in accordance with Faculty Discipline Procedures Concerning Allegations of Academic Offence.

I suspect a student has committed an academic integrity offence. What should I do?

  • Don't try to resolve the matter yourself.  It is University policy that all suspected academic integrity offences be reported to the Academic Integrity Officer.
  • Report the suspected offence to the Academic Integrity Officer by filling out Form A - Instructor Allegation of Academic Offence.  Provide the materials outlined in the form including the work in which the offence occurred, the class syllabus, and any supporting materials you think may be relevant.
  • Submit the completed form and materials either by - 
    • Fax:  (902) 494-1966
    • In person/courier: 

      c/o Academic Integrity Officer
      Office of the Dean
      Faculty of Health
      Room 316, Burbidge Building
      5968 College Street
      Halifax, Nova Scotia
      B3H 4R2

What happens after I've submitted all the paperwork?

  • The Academic Integrity Officer will review the submission and determine if there is enough evidence to move forward with the case.
  • If so, the AIO will contact the student to inform them of the matter, and a meeting will be arranged between the student, yourself and the AIO.
  • The Registrar's Office will be notified of the matter, and the student will be assigned a grade of PENDING until the matter has been resolved.
  • After the meeting, the AIO has five working days to make a decision on the matter, and will notify the student.  You will be copied on this correspondence.
  • The student has two working days to either accept or reject the decision.
  • If the student accepts the decision, the matter is submitted to the Senate Disciplinary Committee (SDC) for ratification.  Once you have received notice the matter has been ratified, you can submit marks for the student to the Registrar.
  • If the student does not respond, or rejects the decision, the matter will be heard by the Senate Discipline Committee.  You will be advised by the SDC when a hearing is scheduled, and will attend with the Academic Integrity Officer handling the case.

The student is asking me why they haven't received a mark on their paper/assignment/exam. What should I tell them?

  • You may tell the student that they are suspected of an academic integrity offence, but don't engage in any discussion or commentary.  Advise them that they should contact the Academic Integrity Officer dealing with the case directly.
  • If you would like to advise the student in writing that they are suspected of an academic integrity offence, use this suggested format:


Evaluation of your NAME OF ASSIGNMENT/EXAM/PAPER submitted on DATE for COURSE NAME AND NUMBER has led me to believe that you may have violated the academic integrity standards of Dalhousie University.

In keeping with the Dalhousie University Senate regulations and procedures, I have forwarded your ASSIGNMENT/EXAM/PAPER to the Academic Integrity Officer of the Faculty of Health Professions for review.  You should direct all inquiries to the Assistant to the AIO (, who will be contacting you regarding the next steps in this matter.

In the meantime, you will be assigned a grade of PENDING until the matter has been decided.

I received a ratification notice from the SDC. How do I change the student's grade?

  • Only the Registrar's Office can remove the PENDING grade from the student's file and enter their final grade.
  • To have PENDING status removed and the final grade enetered, email Janet MacDonald - - in the Registrar's Office.
  • Send the email from your Dalhousie address, ensuring that you include the student's name, Banner ID, the class name and code and the student's final grade.



NOTE: The foregoing is a basic summary of the Faculty Discipline Process. In the event of discrepancies between Senate adopted/approved documents and information posted on this website, the Senate adopted/approved documents will take precedence.