Student Resources

Committed to your success

Dalhousie offers a full range of services to help students achieve their goals.  If you can't find what you're looking for here, contact the main office of your School/College.

Academic Advising Whether you are selecting classes, unsure of your major or thinking about grad school, academic advisors can help you explore your options and develop a strategy for academic success.

Academic Appeals

If you are dissatisfied with a grade, consult with the instructor as a first step. Grade reassessment procedures are described in the university calendar (see section 24 "Appeals"). Appeals are addressed at the School/College level before being considered by the Faculty-level Committee on Undergraduate Studies. 

Academic Integrity Academic integrity refers to the honest behaviour with respect to your academic work. For example, plagiarism means taking someone’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own; this is considered an academic offense. 
Career Development Your years at university are an exciting time to explore career options, develop personal skills, and build confidence. At Dal, you have access to extensive resources and services that respond to what you need now while preparing you for a career you'll love.
Communities on Campus Resources and support services tailored to specific communities at Dal. We encourage you to reach out and get involved with different communities!
Health and Wellness Dalhousie's on-campus Student Health & Wellness Centre is committed to providing certified quality primary and mental health care services to promote and enhance students' health. 
International Students As an international student, you'll benefit from our international student societies, on-campus advisors and specialized programs and services.
Registrar's Office This is the place to seek admissions advice, access financial assistance and scholarship information, register for courses, view exam schedules, order official transcripts and much more.
Residence and Housing Dalhousie has both traditional dorms and and apartment style accommodations.  There are also resources for students looking to live off-campus
Student Accessibility The Office of Student Accessibility provides accommodations and services to students with disabilities. Dalhousie is committed to ensuring academic programs, activities, facilities and services are accessible to all students.
Student Services Student Services is your gateway to all the help and support you need as a student at Dalhousie.