Active Student Engineering Teams

Below is a list of current and active student teams for 2023:

Force 7 Sailing

Force Seven Sailing is a multidisciplinary engineering team that was launched in 2023 as a partnership between Dalhousie University and Memorial University of Newfoundland. This team provides students interested in naval architecture and sailing the opportunity to build their leadership, design and manufacturing skills by designing and building high performance racing sailboats. Currently the team is targeting the 2025 edition of the Foiling SuMoth Challenge. Additionally, leading up to the competition the team will be presenting the project and boat at a number of ocean technology conferences, as well as the 2024 Halifax Sail GP.



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Dalhousie Team Lead: Finley Nakatsu

Memorial Team Lead: Linus Rieger

Dalhousie Faculty Advisor: Colleen Dewis

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The Dalhousie Formula SAE (DALFSAE) society provides Dalhousie students with the opportunity to transfer the knowledge learned in the classroom into concrete engineering skills. Students design, build, test and race an open-wheeled race car using first-principles-based engineering methods and then compete in the Formula Student collegiate competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Other skill development opportunities on the team range from project management, manufacturing, CAD design, simulation, research, leadership and more.


Social media site: Instagram - @dalfsae

Contact email:

Team lead: Mitch Gregory |

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Warkentin

Sponsorship Package: Dal FSAE Sponsorship Package

Dalhousie Solar Race Team

Dal Sol is the first-ever solar electric vehicle team in Atlantic Canada. With NOVA, their 100% solar-powered EV, they have their eyes set on racing at internationally prestigious solar car competition Formula Sun Grand Prix 2022, American Solar Challenge 2024 and World Solar Challenge 2025.

Website: Start | Dalhousie Solar Car (

Social media: Instagram - @dalsolarcar

Contact email:

Team lead: Gina Park

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Ghada Koleilat

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The Dalhousie Microtransat Autonomous Sailboat team is a multi-disciplinary engineering group who design and build a sustainable, small-scale, autonomous sailboat capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The marine vessel then competes in the ‘Microtransat Challenge,’  which challenges teams to launch their vessel off the coast of the Atlantic to journey across the ocean. The project also aims to advance the field of unmanned marine robotics, which have become key tools in the area of oceans research.

Website: Dalhousie Sailboat (

Social media:

  • Instagram: dalsailboat
  • Facebook: dalsailboat
  • Linkedin: dalhousie-mast

Contact email:

Sponsorship Package: Dal MAST Sponsorship Package

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team

RoboSub is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) competition held annually in the United States where student-led teams travel to compete over a 6-day period. Leading up to the competition, teams are required to design, build, test, and compete with an AUV which is designed to complete a series of challenges during the competition. These challenges represent common real-world challenges for underwater vehicles, and can include object manipulation using a robotic arm, acoustic detection systems, underwater scanning with acoustics and video to name a few. These challenges are completed in a single timed run underwater, and the AUV must act 100% autonomously after deployed in the aquatic environment. This competition allows for testing at the site in samples of the competition environment, and multiple competition runs, however on the day of competition scoring the fixed underwater objective locations may change, and the AUV is required to adapt to these changes. The competition specific challenges change on an annual basis and are announced in the months leading up to the competition date. The AUV is shipped or brought to the competition venue leading up to the competition date. This mix of high-level autonomous functionality, coupled with electro-mechanical systems, and an underwater environment present a unique opportunity for students to learn and experience solving real-world challenges that face AUV designers.

Team Lead:  Maria MacDonnell

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mae Seto

Sponsorship Package:

Dalhousie Space Systems

Dalhousie Space Systems Lab (DSS) is Dalhousie University’s first and only lab dedicated to the research and development of spaceflight systems. We are students and professionals working to facilitate the growth of spaceflight research and design amongst the Atlantic community.

Website: Dalhousie Space Systems Lab – Dalhousie Space Systems Lab (

Social Media: Twitter account: @dssLabs Instgram: dalhousiespacesystems

Team Lead: Katerina Vinogradova & Vignesh Krishnan

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mike Pegg & Dr. Mae Seto

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Dalhousie Steel Bridge Team

A multi-discipline, student-run team that will extend their classroom knowledge by collaborating in the design, fabrication, and construction of a steel bridge (1:10 scale), in accordance with design constraints. The team will present the bridge and compete in an intercollegiate competition (CNSBC or Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition) that simulates industry operations.

Team Lead: Natalie Broomfield

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kyle Tousignant



Concrete Canoe Team

The Dalhousie Concrete Canoe Team project is a hands-on project for students from all Engineering disciplines. Each year, a 20-foot concrete canoe is designed and built by participating students from scratch. The canoe is then raced in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition against over a dozen other schools from around the country. Year after year, the designing and construction of the boat provides a new group of students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience while applying our lessons from the classroom.


SuperMileage Team

Mining Games

Remote Operating Vehicle