Our Commitment to Change

The activity witnessed on the Facebook group created by some of our fourth-year DDS students was unacceptable, and we must actively and openly work to address the climate and culture within which this activity took place. For background, visit Culture of Respect.

Our faculty is committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive Dalhousie community. Every student and every member of faculty and staff should have the opportunity to flourish. This issue is part of a larger societal issue that has touched our faculty community deeply, and we fully accept our active leadership role to ensure that this important conversation continues. 

We’re committed to building a stronger, more inclusive community. There is a lot of work already underway, and there is a lot more still to come.  

Moving forward: Faculty of Dentistry works to lead culture change

In response to the External Taskforce's recommendations, Dalhousie University and the Faculty of Dentistry brought in an independent consultant to lead a working group on a review of the restorative justice process at Dalhousie University. The report on this review, Restorative Justice Learning Debrief [PDF 492 Kb], published in October 2017, is available here.

On September 10, 2018, the Faculty of Dentistry presented its final report [PDF 209 Kb] to Senate on our progress toward the External Taskforce recommendations.

On December 11, 2017, the Faculty of Dentistry presented an update report [PDF, 200 KB] to Senate on our progress toward the External Taskforce recommendations.

On November 28, 2016, the Faculty of Dentistry presents an update report [PDF 142 Kb] to Senate, including our most recent response to the External Task Force [PDF 46 Kb]

On April 25, 2016, the Faculty of Dentistry presents an update report [PDF-127kB] to Senate, including our response to the External Task Force [PDF-118kB].

On February 22, 2016, the Faculty of Dentistry presented its second update to Senate on the steps it has taken to bring about positive change in the Faculty. Read the report [PDF-70kB].

September 22, 2015 - The start of a new academic year is an opportunity to look back at the year that was and set fresh goals for the months ahead. Many important changes have already been made across several different aspects of the Faculty of Dentistry’s work. Key among these are greatly enhanced professionalism training, a new approach to Orientation Week and social events, and a wider range of health and wellness services for faculty, staff, and students. Meshing these initiatives together is a greater emphasis on communication within the Faculty. Read the article.

Our “next steps” initiative

The Next Steps Committee's mandate is to foster a Faculty of Dentistry where every student, faculty and staff member feels safe, included and respected within our community. Learn more about the action we're taking.

Task Force on Misogyny, Sexism and Homophobia

The Faculty of Dentistry supports the work of the external Task Force on Misogyny, Sexism and Homophobia, which was launched by President Richard Florizone on January 9, 2015. Learn more about the external task force.  

“Belong”: Inclusiveness and diversity in Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry is doing our part to help Dalhousie become a more supportive and welcoming community—one in which everyone belongs. Learn more about the initiatives we're supporting within our Faculty.

In the community

Our impact on the region doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. It extends to our clinical care and outreach programs, which improve the oral health of over 26,000 patients across Atlantic Canada each year. Learn more about our work in the community.