Dental Clinics

Our students

The Faculty of Dentistry operates and maintains state-of-the-art clinical facilities to support our programs for students. For over 100 years, we've been providing dental care for the public through our educational programs.

Our clinics facilitate education and training in various aspects of dentistry for undergraduate students. Our patients receive excellent care, and in turn, our students gain skills and experience from the many procedures they perform. Students are required to practise their skills and show competency in many areas of dentistry in order to become professional dentists and hygienists upon graduation.


We maintain a full-service professional dental laboratory, giving students the opportunity to work directly with dental laboratory technicians representing specialty areas. These include implants, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and aesthetics.

Our clinics all have access to an electronic patient record system. Each student has a laptop that allows for access to patients' electronic records (including digital radiographs) from his or her clinic cubicle. Our system provides access to current prescription drug information and all textbooks in electronic, searchable text.

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