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For Current Students

Information in this section connects current students with services and resources to assist you during your time with us.


  • DalDentX: Our password protected faculty intranet containing the student¬†immunization tracker and more. An email feature facilitates sending individual and/or group emails.
  • MyDal: Your source for Dal email, personal and events calendars, online course management, information and technology support, news, games, widgets and more.
  • Brightspace is the new learning management system (LMS) for online education. As of April 2016, all courses can be found on Brightspace. More information and resources on Brightspace.
  • OneDrive:¬†To share files that might be larger than the attachment limit for regular email, used OneDrive in Office 365 by logging in at mydal.ca.¬†
  • Library Resources for the Health Sciences: Kellog Library resources
  • Equipment Repair Request: Report problems with clinic or lab equipment by submitting a ticket to the online Equipment Repair Request system.

Students in the Faculty of Dentistry are encouraged to watch the Dalhousie Health Law Institute's Health Law and Policy Seminar Series, a lunchtime series featuring speakers on current issues. Watch the 2017-18 series.

Removable prosthodontics

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