Undergraduate Clinic

This clinic has more than 150 individual dental cubicles assigned to senior students during the academic year. The dental chairs facilitate the use of phantom/mannequin heads for pre-clinical skills training and are shared by first- and second-year students for both pre-clinical and patient care activities.

Faculty, professional dentists and specialists supervise our students at all times during their clinical experiences. The students are taught various treatments in dentistry, including fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, implants and full and partial dentures.

Students also learn about many specialties in dentistry and have access to specialists for consultations. Some patients require very specific treatments that the students are unable to perform; however, we try to accommodate as many patients as possible.

Dental support personnel assist our students with dispensary, radiology, nursing, stores, reception and accounting services. A full-time dental assistant supports every group of approximately eight students, and we have full-time staff who are responsible for the sterilization and maintenance of all patient care instruments.