Policies and Procedures

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

There may be an opportunity for you to receive recognition for other courses and work experience that are relevant to the Certificate in Adult Education program. To request PLAR you must be registered and paid in full.

You may challenge for credit for a maximum of two modules.  You may challenge based upon:

  1. experience—the skill you have developed through your practice
  2. education—a course or program that you have successfully completed
  3. a combination of both education and experience.


You are required to demonstrate that you have developed knowledge and skill equivalent to the learning outcomes of the module that you are challenging. Module III: Understanding Diversity in Adult Education is not eligible for PLAR.

Please contact the Program Director for details about required documentation.


You must be enrolled in, and have paid in full for, the Certificate in Adult Education, in order to request PLAR.

As a full certificate registrant, your tuition costs are significantly reduced. There is no fee for the challenge and there is no further tuition reduction. You will not be required to attend the modules (maximum two) for which you receive PLAR credit.

Registration, Withdrawal, Transfers and Fefunds

Registration and Payment

Certificate in Adult Education: A deposit of $400 and a materials fee of $125 are required at the time of registration and will secure your spot in the program.  Payment in full is required prior to the start of the program.

Tuition: $4370
Materials Fee:
Total Fee: $4495

Payment Options

September 25, 2020 $961.25
November 27, 2020 $961.25
January 29, 2020 $961.25
March 1, 2020 $961.25

Individual Module Fee: $575 (contact us to see if there is space available to register: Dawne Walker at 902-494-8837 or Erin Careless at 902-494-1478)

Workshops: The cut-off date for workshop registrations is typically 5 business days prior to the start date.  Payment in full is required before the program begins.

Administration: Dalhousie University degree graduates are eligible for 15% pre-tax discount on all programs.  A valid student ID must be presented and approved.
There is a $40 administration fee for returned cheques (includes NSF and stop payments).

Transfers and Substitutions

All Courses: You may defer your participation until the next available program and transfer your payments without penalty. There is no charge for substitutions.


All course withdrawals must be made in writing to the Program Manager.  

Certificate in Adult Education: Withdrawals are subject to a $100 administrative fee.  In the case of late withdrawals (within 10 business days of the start date), neither the deposit nor the first payment (total $1486.25) will be refunded.  Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal and there is no refund after the start of the program.

Workshops: Withdrawal without penalty is permitted until within 5 business days of the start date.  Late withdrawals (less than 5 business days of the start) are subject to a $100 fee.  There is no refund after the start date.  Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.

Course Cancellations

The College reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses that do not reach minimum enrolment requirements.  In such cases, we will make every effort to inform you at home or at work prior to the start date.  In the event of cancellation, Dalhousie will issue a full refund of the tuition paid.

Transcripts, Certificates and Tax Receipts


One transcript is provided at no charge upon completion of the Certificate program; for other transcripts there is a charge of $15 each.  Transcripts will be sent by regular mail.  Please make all requests for additional transcripts in writing to the Program Manager, including the address to where they are to be sent.


A certificate is provided to students upon successful course completion.
Certificate in Adult Education replacement certificates may be purchased from the College of Continuing Education at a cost of $25.00, and will be sent by regular mail.  Replacement certificates for workshops are $10.  Please make all requests in writing to the Program Manager. The reprinting of certificates that are dated more than five years earlier cannot be guaranteed.

Tax Receipts

An official income tax receipt is provided to students who have paid in full for a course or program.  Replacement tax receipts may be purchased for a cost of $25.00. Please make all requests in writing to the Program Manager.
Please note: Continuing Education courses do not require the 2202A tax receipt.