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Sustain by Cultiv8 Summer 2023 Student Intern Positions

Posted by stephanie Rogers on March 15, 2023 in News

The Cultiv8 Innovation Sandbox of Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus is running a vegetable production farm at the campus Demonstration Garden site.  Entitled ‘Sustain by Cultiv8’, the initiative will encompass the development and growth of a sustainable small vegetable production farm (with the addition of cut flowers).  With focus toward food security and climate responsibility, Sustain is seeking to build a culture of innovation in horticulture, model solutions for existing farmers, and provide opportunities for students to prepare for their future careers by exploring entrepreneurship in low-risk environments.

The selected Student Interns will be enrolled in one of the internship courses (AGRI 2001 or MGTA 4002 [for IFB]- contact for info) at the Dal AC.

The job will provide practical experience in a wide range of vegetable horticulture production including:

·         Seeding, transplanting, tending, harvesting, post-harvest preparation, succession planting

·         High-tunnel construction, maintenance, trellising

·         Best management practices, season extension

·         Sales, customer discovery, marketing

·         Pest management, pathology

·         Intensive gardening, microclimates

Interns will regularly work independently and collaboratively, becoming an important part of a team.  This position has the opportunity to provide the intern with tremendous reward in terms of skills gained and community built.  

The internship will run for 35 hours per week for 12 weeks; exact dates TBD.  The farm will run from early May until late October, and if sufficient funding is available, internship positions could be extended to include part-time work during the busy harvest and sales season of September and October.

Serious applicants only please contact Jason ( adding “Cultiv8 Intern Position 2023” in the subject line of the email, followed by a short expression of interest in the email body (this is me, this is the program I am enrolled in, etc.) to begin the process.