Opportunities for Industry/Employers

Thank you to all of the employers/industry partners that came to AggieWIL 2020!

Join us for the Annual AggieWIL Employment/Internship Fair happening February 2021 - dates TBD

We can pre-post any positions you might have and get the word out to our student population.  We can set you up with an interview room during the fair (or anytime during the year) and you can interview potential candidates on the spot.

Host one of our internship students for a 12-week (or more) internship.  Students must be compensated in some way, there are funding sources available. Specific learning outcomes are developed to ensure that both the student and your enterprise benefit from the experience.

Engage with students in:

  • Agricultural Business
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Animal Science
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Science
  • Integrated Environmental Management
  • International Food Business
  • Plant Science

Are you using innovative industry tools such as GPS technologies to evaluate soil quality?  Or do you and your colleagues wish to share exciting applications of the theories that our students are learning?

Contact us to join us for the AggieWIL fair, post a position, recruit on campus, set up a guest lecture opportunity and more!