Why Agriculture

Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges.  The world population is expected to grow by over a third or 2.3 billion people by 2050.

Feeding a world population of 9.1 billion people will require raising overall food production by close to 70 per cent while also focusing on reducing food waste and insecurity, increasing efficiency of production using innovative technologies and leveraging cutting-edge research.  Poverty, food insecurity, both locally and globally, malnutrition and movement of populations from rural to urban centres will also feature prominently.

Our Faculty of Agriculture is committed to dedicating our human and physical resources to addressing the significant challenges to global and local sustainability, food security and health and well-being in this rapidly changing landscape within our sector. 

These goals are central to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will be central to our work over the next five years.

Why agriculture? It is agriculture that will help feed the world; Agriculture that will help mitigate climate change and Agriculture that will ensure water and a sustainable environment for our future.

There isn't another sector that impacts our lives, both individually and collectively more than agriculture.

Agriculture is our future, it's that simple.