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2017-2018 Membership


Kevin Hewitt
Chair of Senate
Jeff Hoyle
Senate Vice-Chair, Academic Programs
Tanya Packer
Senate Vice-Chair, Student Affairs
Faculty of Agriculture
Dian Patterson
Plant and Animal Science
Simon Somogyl
Business & Social Sciences
Gefu Wang Pruski
Plant and Animal Science
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Margaret Denike Political Science
Lori Turnbull Political Science
Christopher Helland
Sociology & Social Anthropology
Raymond Mopoho French
Jerry White
Leonard Diepeveen English
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Ahsan Habib
School of Architecture
College of Continuing Education
Susan Holmes
College of Continuing Education
Faculty of Computer Science
Jamie Blustein
Computer Science
Faculty of Dentistry
Reginald Goodday
Oral & Maxillofacial Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Farid Taheri Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Kuzak Process Engineering and Applied Sciences
Sergey Ponomarenko Electrical and Computer Engineering
Corinne MacDonald Industrial Engineering
Nouman Ali
Civil and Resource Engineering
Faculty of Health Professions
Megan Aston
School of Nursing
Crystal Dieleman
School of Occupational Therapy
Remi Agu
College of Pharmacy
Audrey Steenbeek School of Nursing  
Jacqueline Gahagan School of Health and Human Performance
Lisa Goldberg School of Nursing
Catrina Brown
School of Social Work
Schulich School of Law
Jonathon Penney
Robin Parker
Killam Library
Faculty of Management
Louise Spiteri School of Information Managment
Linda Macdonald Rowe School of Business
Bill Foster
Rowe School of Business
Shamsud Chowhury Rowe School of Business
Kate Sherren School of Resource and Environmental Studies
Faculty of Medicine
Roger Croll Physiology and Biophysics
Darrell White
Jennifer Hall
Family Medicine
Kelly Dakin-Hache Pathology
Janice Graham Pediatrics
Najaf Nadeem Medicine
Heping Xu Radiation Oncology
Muhammad Naeem Khan Radiology
G. Allen Finley
Faculty of Science
Elizabeth Welsh Biology  
Christopher Richardson Microbiology & Immunology  
Erin Johnson   Chemistry  
Djordje Grujic Earth Sciences
Daniel Kelley
Teresa Cyrus Economics  
Sara Faridi Math and Statistics
Jennifer Stamp
Tom Duck
Physics & Atmospheric Sciences
Student Representatives
Amina Abawajy DSU President
Masuma Khan DSU Vice-President, Academic-External
Lisa Hackett
Aaron Prosper DSU, Indigenous Representative
Nicholas Gear
DSU, Agricultural Campus Representative
Vibhu Bhargava DSU
Mehdi Ghasemi Ghodrat DSU, Graduate Student Representative
Academic Administrators
Richard Florizone
President and Vice-Chancellor
Carolyn Watters Vice-President, Academic Provost
Alice Aiken Vice-President, Research
Donna Bourne-Tyson University Librarian
David Gray Dean and  Principal, Faculty of Agriculture
Christine Macy Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Jure Gantar Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Andrew Rau-Chaplin Dean, Faculty of Computer Science
Joshua Leon Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Ben Davis
Acting Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
Brenda Merritt Acting Dean, Faculty of Health Professions
Andrew Cochrane Dean, College of Continuing Education
Marty Leonard
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Camille Cameron Dean, Schulich School of Law
Sylvain Charlebois Dean, Faculty of Management
David Anderson Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Chris Moore Dean, Faculty of Science
Affiliated Institution
William Lahey
President, University of King’s College