About us

The University Secretariat is the administrative office responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operation of Dalhousie University's bicameral system of governance, comprised of the Board of Governors, the Senate and their respective committees.

Our services

The Secretariat manages, coordinates and informs the effective operation of the Board and Senate by doing the following:

  • supporting the operations of the University’s governance bodies and their respective standing and ad hoc committees
  • proposing and developing objectives and plans to establish and achieve priorities
  • advising on governance issues and developing and implementing policies, procedures and processes that reflect governance best practices
  • developing, implementing, managing and coordinating the university academic integrity, student discipline and academic appeals policies and processes, and maintaining official records relative to these processes
  • serving as a repository for university policies, as well as information and data on matters relating to university governance
  • facilitating communication and collaboration with key stakeholders