Rideshare Parking

Benefit from ridesharing with a reserved parking space

Dalhousie offers reserved parking spaces to those who RideShare. To be eligible for a RideShare parking permit, a minimum of two (2) full-time students or employees must share a ride to the University at least four (4) days each week, provided that they do not reside at the same residential address.

RideShare Participants will be issued individual RideShare Parking Permits, each bearing a registration number corresponding with their assigned reserved parking space, and they must all register their individual vehicles with Security Services.

Under the terms and conditions of the RideShare Agreement, no less than two (2) of the participants are required to be present in one (1) of the registered RideShare vehicles on, at least, four (4) days each week, when parking at the University, in order to maintain their RideShare status.

As it is anticipated that there may be some rare occasions when all RideShare participants will not be able to carpool together, due to other personal commitments, each RideShare participant will be eligible to receive a maximum of three (3) Complimentary Daily Parking Permits, each year (September 1 to August 31), to assist them, should they have to utilize their own personal vehicle on such occasions.

To learn more about ridesharing, visit the Rideshare page.

To learn more about parking, contact Facilities Management.