Policies and Guidelines


Through the Office of Sustainability, Dalhousie is working to incorporate sustainability concepts and criteria into all major planning, assessment, policy, reporting, and communications products and procedures.

Over the last twenty years, Dalhousie has signed three international declarations related to sustainability and the environment:

Dalhousie has also signed the University and College Presidents' Climate Change Statement of Action for Canada [PDF - 1.1MB] and the Climate Change Charter.

Dalhousie has passed the following policies which are found in the University Policy Repository.

  • Active Transportation Guidelines
  • Green Cleaning Policy
  • Natural Environment Policy and Guidelines
  • Paper Policy
  • Sustainable Building Policy
  • Sustainability Statement of Principles [PDF - 303KB]
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Vehicle Anti-Idling Guidelines
  • Vehicle Share and Green Fleet [PDF - 385KB]
  • Water Pledge [PDF - 255KB]
  • Dalhousie Green Guide [PDF - 1.7MB]