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Educational Material & Training

Learn how you can live more sustainably:

Rethink Materials

For more educational material, please utilize the Rethink Resources. These resources include the Rethink Sustainability Manual with activity ideas, as well as a variety of rethink posters and stickers you can order to use as friendly reminders around your home and office

Sign up to be a Rethink Sustainability Team. Rethink Sustainability Teams range in size and could include the following:

  • a residence floor,
  • a department,
  • a group of staff and faculty,
  • a student society,
  • a lab group.

Some Sustainability Teams may meet and organize activities during non-work/class hours. Others may negotiate a combination of non-work hours and up to five hours a month during work time with Department heads or as a class assignment. 

How it works:

Each team will decide on when they would like to meet and what activities they would like to pursue. The Office of Sustainability will provide a two-hour training once a team joins. The Sustainability Team Manual [PDF - 677 kB] provides a number of activity ideas and resources to get you started. These educational and participatory activities are centered around waste, transportation, energy, water, food and biodiversity issues.

Training Opportunities

Dalhousie's Employee & Organizational Development and the Office of Sustainability conduct semi-regular sessions geared toward employees at Dalhousie.  The Employee Sustainability Leadership Program (Six, 3-hour modules plus project), is offered in June every second year.  The 2017 program will begin in June 2017 and will conclude in September 2017 with a sustainability celebration.  For more information about the ESLP program see our main calendar of events, or contact EOD at eod@dal.ca or at 902-494-1115.

The Dal Bike Centre offers educational programs on bike safety and maintenance.

Training and outreach is provided to students and employees on topics such as green building and sustainability in residences.

Movies and Documentaries

The Office of Sustainability has a small collection of movies and documentaries that we lend to individuals and groups interested in hosting a screening. Please email our office to arrange for borrowing. If you would like to see additional titles please let us know.

Hope for Wildlife, 2013

"Season Four: This year Hope for Wildlife is full of changes and challenges. Hope's losing a key member of her team and taking on more animals than ever. And Hope's reaching out beyond the rehab - discovering new alliances, species and techniques!"

Urbanized, 2011

Architects, city planners, politicians and others try to bring a fresh approach to dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of urban living.


Radiant City, 2006

"Urban sprawl is eating the planet. Across the continent the landscape is being levelled - blasted clean of distinctive features and overlaid with zombie monoculture. Politicians call it growth. Developers call it business. The Moss family call it home".  

Who Killed the Electric Car?, 2006

A documentary about electric cars, hybrids, hydrogen and the future of transportation.

Coffee Comes Alive, 2005

"Coffee Comes Alive takes you on an engaging adventure into the mountains of southern Mexico to hear from the people who produce coffee. Learn about where coffee comes from, how it is produced and how your coffee choices make a difference".