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Dalhousie has a number of water initiatives underway including:

  • Reducing water consumption¬† - through projects such as adding sensors to older urinal tanks, purchasing low flow fixtures and toilets for new buildings, water drip surveys, retrofitting existing fixtures in retrofit projects; adding rain water cisterns in new buildings, and retrofitting large research water units to recycle water (Aquatron).
  • Supporting reduction of bottled water through activities such as passing of water plegde, installing new water fountains that have easy access to reusable bottles, holding bottle-free events, testing potable water, and promoting water jugs in catering.
  • Enhancing monitoring by adding pulse duplicators to building water meters to feed near time data back to building automation system to diagnose problems and track savings.
  • In the future a number of projects are planned including retrofitting water-cooled equipment that dumps water to drain and completing a comprehensive water fixture audit.