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Energy & Climate Change

In the 2010 Dalhousie University Campus Master Plan, Green Power Labs Inc. conducted a solar suitability assessment of the campus. A campus utility master plan released in 2012 includes energy and water audits of buildings on campus. Energuide assessments have been completed for Dalhousie owned houses on all campuses. A University temperature guideline has been developed. Over 25 utility and climate projects have been completed and a number are underway.

On December 11, 2009, Dalhousie’s President Tom Traves signed the University and College’s Climate Change Statement for Canada. Dalhousie released a comprehensive climate change plan [PDF - 3 MB] in 2010 which includes mitigation and adaption strategies. A 2nd edition will be published in 2018. Green House Gas (GHG) inventory reports are published annually.

Energy and Climate Change Projects


  • Steam line fitted insulation (phase 1)
  • Halifax and Agricultural Campus lighting upgrade
  • Lighting upgrades in campus houses
  • Energy meter installation, major lighting, HVAC, solar, and water upgrades to the Life Science Centre
  • Vending miser technology in vending machines at Halifax campuses
  • Natural gas conversion of the steam system at the Halifax campuses
  • LED and occupancy and daylight sensors in certain locations
  • Comprehensive water testing of drinking water fountains and faucets at the Halifax campuses
  • Annual replacement of water fountains with re-usable water bottle options
  • Development and implementation of a water reduction pledge. 
  • Replaced 632 old fridges and freezers on the Halifax and AC with ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Stormwater management actions are being taken with new projects such as adding water cisterns and green roofs in new buildings and permeable pavement
  • Urinal tank sensor controls
  • Housing insulation and air sealing
  • Compressed air and recommissioning projects
  • Renewable energy study for the Agriculture Campus
  • Implementation of major HVAC set back schedules
  • Campus-wide water fixture upgrades for HFX campuses (i.e. low flow toilets, aerators, shower heads)
  • LEED Gold and Silver certified buildings  


Currently Underway

  • Recommissioning of buildings and high efficiency motor replacements
  • Major energy performance project (EPC) for the Tupper Building underway and planning for an EPC at the Chemistry Building
  • Biomass co-generation and hot water conversion for the Agricultural Campus
  • Kitchen, laundry and lab equipment replacement
  • Planning for Halifax Campus Central Heating Plant Upgrades
  • Building dashboard software for energy, water, heat, and renewable systems
  • Major building systems and equipment are being retrofitted to recycle water in systems instead of dumping to drain
  • Steam line fitted insulation (phase 2)
  • Water fixture upgrades Halifax campus
  • ECM controllers for kitchen walk-ins
  • Studies and air leakage testing on green houses and thermal envelope
  • Water turbine study
  • Geothermal field and 150 kw solar system with battery system on site in an emulated micro-grid LEED Gold building