These tools can help you organize a successful Ecolympics


Ecolympics Posters & Slides:

LCD Screens:

Ecolympics Event ideas to promote the competition and engage students:

  • Sustainability quiz or jeopardy night: Find a detailed description of Sustainability Jeopardy rules and a pre-loaded game card in Rethink Resources.    
  • Film screenings: The Office of Sustainability has films to borrow with educational screening rights such as Radiant City, Urbanized, Coffee Comes Alive…                   
  • Sweater Day and other campaigns: Join and promote existing campaign resources and activities such as Sweater Day and Earth Hour.                                                         
  • Reused items for students and charity: Organize items to be dropped off for re-use such as a clothes. Swap and donate the rest to charity.                                    
  • Sustainability tour or hike: Use Office of Sustainability tour maps and detailed guides to run your own tour, nature hike or scavenger hunt. Contact the Office of Sustainability for maps and guides. 
  • Residence hall table demonstrations: Common examples include phantom power demonstrations and taste testing bottled water against drinking water. Phantom power demonstrations show the energy consumption of items such as lights, coffee makers, hair dryers, and computers when they are in standby mode. Contact the Office of Sustainability for the power bars and watt meters required for a phantom power demonstration.
  • Waste sorting game: Organize a waste sorting game. Contact the Office of Sustainability for waste sorting lids and cardboard cut outs.                                                                                   

Remember to promote the objectives of the competition during events.  The biggest energy and water reducer wins!


Other Resources: