Electronics and Appliances

The following are purchasing criteria when purchasing and/or leasing computers, MFDS, and other electronic products.

  • Meet the most recent ENERGY STAR certification with preference to the MOST efficient ENERGY STAR certification;
  • Meet Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) silver or higher standards;
  • Meet municipal, provincial and federal laws, rules and regulations;
  • For imaging equipment, all products should be received with duplexing as the default and all product(s) should have duplexing capabilities;
  • Provide goods and components that are non-toxic or minimally toxic, and preferably biodegradable;
  • Vendors should use minimal packaging that is recyclable and/or arranges for packaging and printer cartridges taken back for reuse.

Vendors should:

  1. Meet employment standards such as no forced and child labour, protection of health and safety, and ensure that wages and working hours meet legally mandated minimums and industry standards.
  2. Work actively to improve the environment and respect human rights in the communities operated in.
  3. Minimize health and safety impacts for people involved in manufacturing, operation and disposal of items;
  4. Have a written sustainability policy, plan, and program that address issues such as energy, waste, CO2 emissions, water, local economic development, and community building.

Through central tenders for MDFs, computers and AV equipment sustainability criteria are added into tender documents for evaluation. The Office of Sustainability organizes centralized projects and supports other departments to upgrade appliances to meet criteria such as ENERGY STAR.