Food is integral to everyday life, and the food choices we make have significant impacts on our health and the planet.

Aramark is the university food service provider on the Halifax campuses including residences, catering, and many food outlets. Chartwells is the food service provider for the Dalhousie Student Union in the Student Union Building, provides on campus catering, and is also the university food service provider at the Agricultural Campus. The SUB also includes food outlets from local companies and provides space and support for free lunches provided by the student-run Loaded Ladle

Dalhousie University strives to serve food on campus which is:

  • Plant forward
  • Local (from the Maritimes);
  • Sustainably and ethically produced;
  • Sustainably caught (seafood);
  • Third-party certified (Canadian Organic, Marine Stewardship Council, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance etc.).

The Sustainable and Healthy Foods Plan provides a framework for delivering campus food in a sustainable and healthy manner.