Examining EDIA in Your Course Syllabus: A Syllabus Swap

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10–11:30 a.m.

This is an in-person session (Halifax Campus, Mona Campbell Building, Room 1108)

Regularly reviewing our course materials is an important step toward evaluating our process in meeting our instructional goals. It allows us to identify areas for improvement and actively work toward enhancing our teaching practices. As one of the first touch points we have with our students, the course syllabus is a foundational document for the course and establishes course expectations and objectives for students. As we work toward creating inclusive, equitable, and accessible learning environments, reviewing our syllabi is one way we can evaluate how we are meeting our goals and how our practice may impact students.

In this session, we will examine how the various ways our syllabi respond to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility considerations. We aim to have an open-ended, good faith exchange about the application of EDIA principles to courses. This is an interactive session, and workshop participants will be split into small groups with each group carrying out a discussion-based review of sample course syllabi. Time will be provided to review your own syllabi.

Attendees are kindly asked to bring at least one paper copy of the syllabus they are looking to gather feedback on.

Intended Audience: This session is intended for those who have a syllabus for a course they have taught and/or will be teaching and are interested in evaluating and reflecting on their practice. We recognize that participants may have varying levels of expertise in topics related to EDIA – we welcome anyone interested in joining the conversation! This is meant to be a friendly exchange where we all (facilitators included!) learn from each other.