Tuition Waivers

One of the ways in which Dalhousie University encourages learning opportunities and professional development is through our Tuition Assistance Programs.

Note:  Waivers can only be used for tuition fees assessed to your Dalhousie University student account. The money paid for those same courses remains at Dalhousie University. If the university is forwarding the money to another institution, then the waiver cannot be used.

Faculty & Staff - Tuition Assistance Program

University faculty and staff may be eligible for tuition assistance. For information and eligibility, see tuition assistance on Dalhousie’s Human Resource Development website.

Spouses and children of faculty and staff members may be eligible for tuition waivers. For more information, see tuition assistance on Dalhousie’s Human Resource Development website.

Post-Care Tuition Waiver 

The Dalhousie Post-Care Tuition Waiver supports former youth-in-care who face unique and multiple barriers to accessing and persisting in post-secondary education. 

Transition Year Program

African Canadian and non-status Aboriginal Metis students accepted into the program may be eligible for university bursaries during their transition year.

Senior citizens

Those who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, 65 years of age or over at the time of registration and are enrolled in a Dalhousie undergraduate non-professional degree program may be eligible for a senior citizen waiver. This waives only the tuition portion of the fees. The student must pay any incidental fees, auxiliary fees i.e. music, theatre, costume studies, etc.