Third Party Sponsorships

Students sponsored by a third party must complete a Third Party Billing form [PDF - 98 kB] and submit to:

    Student Accounts
    Room 29, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
    Dalhousie University
    6299 South Street
    Halifax, NS  B3H 4H6
    Fax: 1 (902) 494-2839

Student Accounts will then invoice the sponsor for the tuition and fees noted on the form.
The form must be completed each year and submitted prior to tuition due date for each term.

All fees covered by the sponsor must be outlined in the form. These may include:
  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Student Fees (e.g. society, student union, bus pass)
  • Health Insurance
  • Non-compulsory charges: (e.g. housing, meal plan, etc.)

Students are responsible for any fees that are not paid for by the sponsor and late fees will apply.