Working while Studying

All jobs will give you valuable work experience. Even if your job isn't in your field of study, you'll learn many transferable skills that will help make finding a job after university easier.

Part-time employment

Working part-time during the school year is one way that students supplement their incomes. There are many jobs available both on and off campus.

There are some benefits to working on-campus. On-campus employers are often flexible to schedule your work hours around your classes and study time.

If you do decide to work part-time, we recommend that you work no more than 10 hours a week if you're studying full-time.

Summer employment

Government loan programs expect you to work full-time when not attending school and that you save a certain percentage of your income.

Co-op and internship options

Co-operative education and internships are programs that help students put learning into practice and gain career-related experience. Interships vary in strcuture while co-op students alternate three to four work terms with academic study terms before they graduate. Dalhousie is a leader in co-operative education in Atlantic Canada.

The benefit of co-op education is that as a student, you receive paid, valuable hands-on experience to help you prepare for the competitive job market. Check out co-op programs:

Finding a job

The place to start your search is Dalhousie's Career and Leadership Development Centre. Search the job bank and submit your resume online. View employer profiles, find out what's happening on campus, and access support in your job search.


  • If you're working part-time and your income is low, you can fill out a TD1 form, which will allow your employer to keep government deductions to a minimum. Ask your employer for this Canada Customs and Revenue form.
  • Government student loan programs expect you to declare any money you make during the summer or during the school year. This income can affect the amount of loan funding you receive. They allow you to earn up to $100 a week during your study period without penalty.