Applying for Student Loans

Even if you’ve saved from your summer job and have some form of financial support, you may still need to borrow to fund your post-secondary education. There are various types of student loans available through federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as private institutions such as banks, trust companies and credit unions.

Canadian Government Student Loans

Canadian federal and provincial student loan programs were created to supplement the financial resources of students and their families and make post-secondary education accessible to as many Canadians as possible. View more information on Canadian government student loans.

U.S. Student Loans

Dalhousie is recognized as a participant by the US Department of Education for the William D. Ford Direct Loan Programs. Dalhousie is also recognized by some private loaning agencies. View more information on U.S. student loans.

International Students

Check with your home government for student loan programs.

Bank and Private Loans

If you don’t qualify for a government student loan, many banks offer student lines of credit and student bank loans. A line of credit gives you access to an agreed-upon amount of money which you can withdraw as you need it. Interest is paid only on the money you withdraw. View more information on student lines of credit.

Short Term / Temporary Loan Options

Dalhousie offers temporary loans of up to $1,000 to help students make it through until other funding arrives. View more information on temporary loans.