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To book an appointment, email and include your Dalhousie ID (B00 number) if you have one and details on the reason for the appointment. This will help us match you with one of our advisors!

Awards and Financial Aid Team

Pamela Goodwin: Assistant Registrar, Financial Aid

Assistant Registrar, Financial Aid

Pamela Goodwin

Supporting with bursaries, student loans, budgeting, and financial emergencies.

Hometown: Argyle Shore, NS
Best advice for students: "The old saying, if you can manage your pennies, the dollars will look after themselves is very true. The key to financial success is your budget. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, your budget is going to be the key to managing it well and ensuring your dollars are going to your priorities."

Fern Kaufman: Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Fern Kaufman

Hometown: Boston, MA
Best advice for students: "Halifax is full of low-cost activities to do with friends. My personal favourites are hanging out on Citadel Hill and taking advantage of free nights at the local museums and art galleries!"
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Katie MacDonald: Assistant Registrar, Awards

Assistant Registrar, Awards

Katie MacDonald

Supporting with entrance awards, in-course scholarships, and convocation awards.

Hometown: Port Hood, NS
Best advice for students: "Be actively involved in managing your finances. That includes budgeting and saving, but it also includes seeking out opportunities for scholarships and awards. Take time on your award applications to put forward your best self."