Research units

Join one of our dynamic research groups

Dalhousie has existed as a centre for chemistry research for more than a century. Over the last decade, our department has seen a significant expansion in research activities, measured by the amount of external research funding, the acquisition of new state-of-the-art instrumentation, the number of people receiving external research awards and, in particular, by the arrival of many new faculty with new research programs and external funding for laboratory renovation.

As a graduate student, you would be working in one of these research groups, as part of a team with other graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists from government or industrial partners.

Active research groups

Faculty supervisor Research group
Heather Andreas Research interests
Stephen L. Bearne Bearne Research Group
Saurabh Chitnis Chitnis Group
Frances Cozen Laser Flash Photolysis in Canada Group
Jeff Dahn Jeff Dahn’s Research Group
Mita Dasog Dasog Group
Alan Doucette Doucette Group
Michael Freund Freund Group
David Jakeman Jakeman Research Group
Erin Johnson Johnson Group
Aaron Kelly Kelly Group
Randall Martin Atmospheric Composition Analysis group
Mark Obrovac Obrovac Group
Jan Rainey Rainey Lab
Norman Schepp Laser Flash Photolysis in Canada Group
Alex Speed
Speed Group
Mark Stradiotto Stradiotto Research Group
Alison Thompson Thompson Research Group
Laura Turculet Turculet Research group
Peter Wentzell Chemometrics Group
Peng Zhang Zhang Research Group
Josef Zwanzinger The Zwanzinger Lab