David Jakeman

My major research interest is in enzymes, how they function, their mechanism of action, and how they, or inhibitors of enzymes, can potentially mitigate disease, either by modifying the structure of a natural product or by intervening in a biological process. Enzymes are Nature's dominant catalysts and accelerate reactions by many orders of magnitude. Fundamental insight into these catalysts using chemical approaches provides new insight into biological interactions. The research problems tackled in the laboratory provide ideal training opportunities for all levels of researchers.

David L. Jakeman received his BSc and PhD degrees at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom studying bioorganic chemistry with G. Michael Blackburn and Michael P. Williamson.  He then moved to Washington State University in the USA and worked on enzyme mechanisms with Dr. Jeremy N. S. Evans. Subsequently he moved to the University of British Columbia where he developed an appreciation for carbohydrate enzymology with Dr. Stephen G. Withers, prior to arriving at Dalhousie in August 2001.

Research Topics: 

Biological chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, synthesis, chemical biology, enzyme catalysis, carbohydrates, natural products, protein engineering


  • BSc, University of Sheffield, UK
  • PhD, University of Sheffield, UK
  • PDF, Washington State University
  • PDF, University of British Columbia

Dr. Jakeman is currently reviewing applications from new graduate students. If you are interested in the MSc or PhD (Chemistry) programs, please contact Lea Gawne (lea.gawne@dal.ca), the Chemistry graduate studies secretary. If you are interested in the MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences) program, please contact Kaylon Fraser (Pharmadm@dal.ca), the Pharmacy graduate studies secretary.