Resources & facilities

Housed in a historic building located in the centre of the university campus, our department features newly renovated research laboratories containing a wide range of highly specialized, state-of-the-art instrumentation. The department also sits next to the Killam Memorial Library, the region’s largest academic library.

Research facilities

Faculty, students and research groups in the Department of Chemistry have access to use the following research centres:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Research, Resource centre (NMR-3) now houses 300 MHz and 500 MHz solutions instruments, as well as 400 MHz and 700 MHz solids instruments, and represents a world class NMR facility. In addition there is access to a 700 MHz solutions instrument at the NRC lab on campus.
  • Mass Spectrometry Laboratory: A range of mass spectrometry facilities are available (EI, ESI, APCI, CI and MALDI). High-resolution (accurate mass) EI and ESI services are available, as well as low-resolution facilities for other ionization modes.
  • Clean Technology Research Institute: The CTRI was established in June 2017 to advance clean technologies research at Dalhousie University. We facilitate collaboration, promotion, and administration of clean tech research projects at Dalhousie University. Our current partner faculties are Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Architecture and Planning, and Management. 

Technical resources

The Department of Chemistry employs highly trained technical staff who operate, design, upgrade, and repair all laboratory equipment. We also run fully functional electronics, glassblowing and machine shops.