Our Team

Kenneth Rockwood, MD, FRCPC, FRCP
Divisions of Geriatric Medicine and Neurology
Department of Medicine

Phone: 902-473-8687
Email: kenneth.rockwood@dal.ca

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Twitter @krockdoc

Melissa Andrew, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Associate Professor
Division of Geriatric Medicine
Department of Medicine

Phone: 902-473-4995
Email: melissa.andrew@nshealth.ca



Olga Theou, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Physiotherapy

Phone: 902-494-4248
Email: olga.theou@dal.ca

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Arnold Mitnitski, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Department of Medicine

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Research Staff



Sherri Fay, MA
Research Manager

Phone: 902-473-4575
Email: sherri.fay@nshealth.ca


Judith Godin, PhD
Research Associate / Data Analyst

Phone: 902-473-3849
Email: judith.godin@dal.ca

Twitter @1DrJG

Stephanie Reidy, BSc, CCRP
Senior Research Coordinator

Phone: 902-473-6264
Email: stephanie.reidy@nshealth.ca

Jodie Penwarden, MFSGN
Research Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 902-473-7705
Email: Jodie.Penwarden@nshealth.ca

Twitter: @JodiePenwarden

Samantha Meeker, BA
Research Coordinator

Phone: 902-473-7295
Email: sam.meeker@nshealth.ca

Alex van der Valk, BSc
Research Assistant

Email: alexandra.vandervalk@nshealth.ca

Twitter @vanderValkAlex

Jeremy Smith, BA
Research Assistant

Email: jeremy.smith@nshealth.ca

Emily Crosby, BA, BSW
Research Assistant

Email: emily.crosby@nshealth.ca

Research Fellows/Scholars


Marci Dearing, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, PharmD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Susan Bowles, Dr. Emily Reeve

Email: marci.dearing@nshealth.ca

Ulises Perez-Zepeda, MD, PhD
Research Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Olga Theou, Dr. Kenneth Rockwood

Email: ulises.perezzepeda@nshealth.ca

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Twitter @chilangopaisa
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Mohammad Pulok, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dr. Olga Theou, Dr. Mohammed Hajizadeh

Email: mohammad.pulok@nshealth.ca

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David Ward, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Kenneth Rockwood

Email: d.ward@dal.ca

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Twitter @David_D_Ward

Shanna Trenaman, BScH, BScPharm, MAHSR, ACPR, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Melissa Andrew

Email: shanna.trenaman@dal.ca

Twitter: @ShannaTrenaman

Joanna Blodgett, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dr. Olga Theou

Email: Joanna.Blodgett@dal.ca

Graduate Students

Andrea Mayo, MESSc
PhD Student, Faculty of Health
Supervisor(s): Dr. Olga Theou

Email: an768692@dal.ca


Twitter @A_lorenamayo


Jasmine Mah, MSc, MD
PhD Student, Medical Research
Supervisor(s): Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dr. Janice Keefe, Prof. Susan Stevens

Email: JMah@dal.ca

Twitter @cm_jasmine

Jack Quach, BSc
MSc Student, Rehabilitation Research
Supervisor(s): Dr. Olga Theou, Dr. Scott Kehler

Email: jack.quach@nshealth.ca


Research in Medicine Students

Natalie Horne (2018-present)
Topic: Primary care service use among people living with dementia 
Supervisor(s): Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Emily Gard Marshall

Martha Foley (2020-present)
Topic: Association of frailty and delirium on mortality in older adults
Supervisor(s): Dr. Kenneth Rockwood

Miranda McConnell (2020-present)
Topic: Is older age related to longer wait time to be assigned to a new primary care provider? An analysis of the ‘NS Need a Family Practice Registry’ in accordance with the PUPPY-Study 
Supervisor(s): Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Emily Gard Marshall