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Delirium Awareness

Delirium is a medical condition that causes a temporary problem with mental function. It has multiple causes, but in older people it is often the presenting symptom of another underlying illness.  Even so, delirium in older adults often goes unrecognized by health care professionals. Working with an interdisciplinary Delirium Awareness Steering Committee at the Nova Scotia Health Authority, our team promotes delirium awareness by curating information and resources for health care professionals, families and the general public.

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2021-2022 Frailty Seminar Series


These ongoing monthly seminars share frailty-related evidence-based practices and research, and encourage exchange among health care professionals, researchers, policy experts, and trainees within and outside geriatric medicine. The organizing committee includes Drs. Carmen Castillo-Gallego (Toledo, Spain), Gustavo Duque (Melbourne, Australia), Sara Espinoza (San Antonio, USA), Jorge G. Ruiz (Miami, USA), Tania Tello (Lima, Peru), and Olga Theou (Halifax, Canada).

Seminars occur every second Wednesday of the month at 12pm Eastern time. Attendees can receive CME credits if they are eligible or they can receive a certificate to confirm their attendance. 

Register now (it's free!) or view our schedule of upcoming seminars. Lectures are recorded and previous sessions can be viewed below.

July 2022

Osteosarcopenia and Frailty

Presenter: Gustavo Duque, MD, PhD (Melbourne Medical School, Australia)

Moderator: Jorge G. Ruiz, MD (Miami VAHS GRECC and University of Miami, USA)


June 2022

Frailty Education in the Era of Social Media

Presenter: Mario Ulises Perez Zepeda, MD, PhD (Instituto Nacional de Geriatria, Mexico)

Moderator: Olga Theou, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)


May 2022

New Insights on Frailty

Presenter: Roman Romero-Ortuno, MD, PhD (Trinity College Dublin, Rep of Ireland)

Moderator: Olga Theou, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)


April 2022

Lifestyle, Hormonal, and Anabolic Interventions to Ameliorate Frailty

Presenter: Dennis Villareal, MD (Baylor College of Medicine and Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, USA)

Moderator: Sara Espinoza, MD, MSc (GRECC and UT Health Science Center, USA)


March 2022

ViviFrail: Exercise for Older Adults with Frailty

Presenter: Mikel Izquierdo, PhD (Public University of Navarra, Spain)

Moderator: Carmen Castillo-Gallego, MD, PhD (Hospital Virgen del Valle, Spain)


February 2022

Progression of Physical Frailty and the Risk of All-Cause Mortality

Presenter: Karen Bandeen Roche, PhD (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Moderator: Olga Theou, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)


January 2022

Frailty Indexes based on Electronic Health Record Data (Panel)

Presenters: Andrew Clegg, MD (University of Leeds, UK); Ariela Orkaby, MD, MPH (Harvard Medical School & New England GRECC, USA); Nicholas M. Pajewski, PhD (Wake Forest University Health Sci, USA)

Moderator: Jorge G. Ruiz, MD (Miami VAHS GRECC & University of Miami)


December 2021

Frailty and Vaccine Effectiveness and Response to Infections

Presenter: Melissa Andrew, MD, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)

Moderator: Olga Theou, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)


November 2021

Frailty and Heart Failure: What if all the Failure is not in the Heart?

Presenter: Jonathan Afilalo, MD, MSc (McGill University, Canada)

Moderator: Gustavo Duque, MD, PhD (University of Melbourne, Australia)


October 2021

Frailty as an Outcome in Clinical Trials (Panel)

Presenters: Matteo Cesari, MD, PhD (Università di Milano, Italy); Kenneth Rockwood, MD, MPA (Dalhousie University, Canada); Jeremy Walston, MD (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Moderator: Olga Theou, PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada)


September 2021

Physical Frailty: A Biological Marker of Aging?

Presenter: John Morley, M.B., B.Ch. (Saint Louis University, USA)

Moderator: Jorge G. Ruiz, MD (Miami VAHS GRECC and University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA)


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