Ulises Perez‑Zepeda

Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervisor(s): Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Dr. Olga Theou

Email: ulises.perezzepeda@nshealth.ca

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Twitter @chilangopaisa
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Mario Ulises Pérez-Zepeda is a Mexican clinical geriatrician and researcher at the National Institute of Geriatrics, Mexico. He is a doctor with specialization in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, both at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is also a professor at the  Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

From a clinical perspective, Dr. Pérez-Zepeda is interested in geriatric conditions, including frailty and its main determinants. A number of his recent papers have focused on the frailty index and how it is characterized in Latin American older adults. In addition, sarcopenia as a probable substrate amenable to be treated in older adults with frailty is also an interest of Dr. Pérez-Zepeda. He joins GMR at Dalhousie University as a postdoctoral fellow to work with the team that originated the deficit accumulation approach to measuring frailty.